Entry 20170525

I don’t know why, but I just feel nothing about the anniversary of the day that we left high school. Ya, I did have a little sadness and regret when I knew I was about to leave. However, it doesn’t last for a long time. I means, life is not just a very simple routine which is going to school and studying hard. People must grow up and change their old life. School life is definitely a good stretch of time when it was recalled, but not for few people. I feel isolated everytime in my life, having no group of close friends, either the one who could walk along to school and back to home. Even though I have never suffered any bully or boyscott in high school, I felt that I couldn’t live in harmony with classmates. Apart from being a good football player – thing that others barely care, I was faded and mediocre. Specially, I failed. I failed to keep my very first friend remain my friend. I failed to keep in touch with my ex. I failed to confess the truth that I like my crush. Now it’s all over. I just want to move on. I won’t come back, despite many invitation.


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