Entry 20170223

Remember this day. It have been a long time since I last had a white night. Perhaps it was me in 11th grade, watching anime until dawn. But today, or tonight, I don’t watch anime anymore. I did a translation of a Jason’s writing piece and listen to classical music, trying to express some words about it. Yet, it is so far harder from my imagination.

I wrote:

How could we break up while we never belonged to each other?
Were all of the happy stretches of time that I made up so silly?
So you feel worry about my enthusiasm and don’t want us to be intimate anymore?
Against me from even being your friend?
How could it be said that ‘lost you’ while I never had you?
You know I tried hard to escape, but you the one who drew me to yourself over again.
Just like an endless circle.
Because of trying to not miss you, I can never forget.

Hey, were we actually meant to be together?

Brahms – Violin Sonata in G major


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