Entry 20170101 [The very first one of 2017]

Hello 2017!

Good-bye 2016 and please take my ex-boyfriends and my ex-crushes away with you…

Nah. I think twice and I relise that wherever you go I cannot get over you and those memories.

So thank you for teaching me lessons. I appreciate that we were happy together. At the moment, I hope we still are happy not together but with somebody else, or at least, being happy is okay.

Maybe I did nothing and waste many time in the last year, just like every previous years. I guess this will happen again in this 2017.

By the way, I hope that this year I will make more real friends who have same interests and can have such long deep conversations with them. Hope that I will find someone who I will be able to help me unfold myself, then I can have some new experiences. Hope that I will be able to talk to you, grandma. Hope that I will be able to connect to you, my Guardian Angels. Hope that I can decide what is my main interest, then I can totally focus on it.

I know, right? There are many things that people want for the new year. So do I.

However, the most important to me is peace and safe for all the living around the world.

So, 2017, please be nice to everything and everyone.

And I, I will keep staying far away and watching people.

That is all for the very first day of the new year. Perharps, I will sleep until the night falls and stay up till the next day.


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